Scientific Missions

We will fund a total of ten month-long scientific missions, funded in two rounds. The aim is to give early career researchers (PhD students and Postdocs) the opportunity to build their own network and achieve their scientific goals.

Each mission will receive £5000 to cover travel & accommodation, plus £5000 to use on research funds, for example scientific equipment.

Our goal is to prioritize applications where either the applicant is from a small research group, or the applicant will be joining a small host research group. If you have an idea but do not know which host group to join, please ask via Slack, and the community will help you!

The first deadline for applications is 31/10/2022
The second deadline for applications is 31/10/2023

How to apply

To apply, identify a host research group, and write a 1-page document briefly outlining the project, but more importantly explain how the project will advance your career and be beneficial for the host research group. We will also require a brief letter of support from the host research group. Send these to James & Nicola. Applications will be considered by the LeviNet Management Committee.


The first round of SSMs (short scientific missions) applications has finished. Congratulations to the following candidates.

A Reminder: The second round of SSMs’ deadline for applications is 31/10/2023.