Closing Conference

LeviNet – Zhejiang joint conference on Optical Tweezers in Vacuum

Dates: 19 – 23 August 2024
Location: Huabei Hotel, Hangzhou, China
Hosted by Prof Huizhu Hu from Zhejiang University and LeviNet’s Dr James Millen

LeviNet are pleased to announce that we will host our closing conference in collaboration with Zhejiang University, to be hosted in Hangzhou, China. This is an opportunity to forge new relationships between two research communities, to work collaboratively, and better understand the international levitated physics research landscape. The delegation from Europe, the US and Japan will represent a cross-section of research group leaders, and we hope future collaborations will benefit early-career researchers.


Huizhu Hu – Professor, Zhejiang University
James Millen – Reader in Advanced Photonics, Kings College London
David Moore – Associate Professor of Physics, Yale University
Kiyotaka Aikawa – Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Science
Shelby Klomp – PhD Student with Andrew Geraci, Northwestern University
Hendrik Ulbricht – Professor of Physics, University of Southampton
Martin Plenio – Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Ulm University
Peter Barker – Professor of Physics, University College London
Uros Delic – Senior Scientist, University of Vienna
Ben Stickler – Theoretical quantum physicis, Ulm University
Louisiane Devaud – Professorship of Photonics, ETH Zürich
Nadine Mayers – Professorship for Nanophotonics, ETH Zürich

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